A High-Asset Divorce Demands High-Quality Legal Services

We Understand The Challenges Of High-Asset Divorce

When you and your spouse own a number of items of value, dividing this property can quickly become contentious. Having worked with clients from Woodbury and across the Twin Cities metro for a number of years, the high-asset divorce attorneys at our firm have been focusing on complex divorce property proceedings for a number of years and can advise you as to not only the best approach to your case, but also the most lucrative strategies within each approach.

Strong Advocacy And Thoughtful Strategy

Depending upon your circumstances, it may be best to attempt an alternative dispute resolution instead of taking your case to trial. These processes allow for a strategic division of assets and are better able to take into account personal preferences and items of particular personal value.

Alternatively, if your former partner is unwilling to work out an agreement, our family law attorneys are experienced litigators and have had enormous success taking high-asset divorce cases to trial. Call our office at 651-288-2844 to discuss the options available to you.

Understanding Property Division In Minnesota

There is a certain amount of maneuverability in the property division laws in Minnesota, meaning it is possible to divide the property of high net worth clients judiciously. Whether you have been a successful entrepreneur or a supportive spouse, our lawyers can work with you to equitably divide:

  • Real estate portfolios, including homesteads, vacation properties, time shares, rental properties and other Multi Property estates
  • Retirement accounts, including IRAs, pensions, state and federal government benefits and other post-employment planning accounts
  • Investment portfolios, stock options, bonds and other variable accounts
  • Debts
  • Small-business ownership, business interests and growth involvement

We have handled a number of high-profile accounts involving business valuations, unique agreements and marital property disputes over the years. We understand the importance of securing an agreement that leaves you a setup for the future rather than scrambling to make ends meet.

Mature Couples Face Unique Challenges

The longer you are married, the more assets you have acquired together throughout your marriage. Especially in the cases of older couple divorce, ensuring proper retirement and alimony payments is extremely important. The vocational skills and employability of older couples are more limited, and thus the assets and income involved in such a case must be considered differently.

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