The Thoughtful Approach To Alternative Dispute Resolution

Thoughtful Approach To Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is one of the most productive and inexpensive ways to settle your family law matter. When working with our firm, you benefit from the knowledge of a lawyer trained in early neutral evaluation, and experienced in the mediation and arbitration processes. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to family law, and we can help you determine which method may be most beneficial for your situation.

What Is Early Neutral Evaluation?

If you are contemplating ADR but are unsure of committing to the process, early neutral evaluation (ENE) could be a good first step. In this process, we will present your dispute to a neutral evaluator who will assess each side of the case and give an assessment of the merits. At this stage, you may decide to come to a settlement based on this assessment, but if not, the neutral evaluator can assist in narrowing the dispute down to a few key areas and suggest a guideline for next steps.

This process is useful for families with disputes regarding child custody and parenting plans but can also be used regarding financial matters. Our firm has had great successes using this technique, as our family law attorney has been trained as an early neutral evaluator.

Understanding The Process Of Mediation

Mediation can be entered into at any stage in the early process of your divorce, before deciding to take your case before a judge. Whereas ENE provides participants with an evaluation of your case, mediation is the means by which you and your former partner can go through the decision-making process in an attempt to reach a legal agreement.

A certified mediator will facilitate the discussion between the parties involved in the dispute, but unlike a judge will not make decisions on anyone’s behalf. During this process, it is important to have a lawyer present in order to ensure your interests are represented and that you are not pushed into an agreement that neglects your rights. If a decision is not made during mediation, each aspect of the case can be taken before a judge, at which point your ability to negotiate is eliminated.

Contact An Attorney Who Is Always On Your Side

No matter what form of ADR you would like to pursue, our firm will act as your adviser and advocate. We want to save you as much stress, time and hassle as possible. That means the best approach may be to pursue a combination of ADR practices, or to settle on some areas and go to trial in others.

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