Lisa was retained to support me during an unexpected divorce situation. From the early consultation, through completion of a case that took surprise twists due to hostile and often irrational opposition, every interaction with Lisa and her team was first class. Nobody wishes a divorce situation, but when one presents itself the only answer is thorough preparation, a solid plan, and proactive representation. Lisa excelled in having me prepared for every eventual scenario, and even when crazy was the order of the day, the result achieved allowed me and my family to move forward in a positive manner. Much of this was due to Lisa’s preparation, integrity and insistence that a positive outcome is achieved by doing things the right way. We were always better prepared than our opponents and ultimately achieved the best possible outcome. Before the case was even settled, it was evident that my life was going to be much better post-divorce, and Lisa helped me see this before I even knew it myself. I recommend her without hesitation.